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Day 11 Ko Phangan

Today is our last full day in Thailand before we head off to Cambodia tomorrow.  I'm sad to leave but Tyler is excited to move on.  We spent today by the beach and pool, and ended the night with a yummy Thai dinner.
Since this entry would be short otherwise I thought I'd write down interesting things we saw/learned in Thailand like:
-Thai construction workers wear flip flops while working 
-there are stray dogs everywhere (I think Tyler petted every single one of them)
-the people are very nice, much nicer than the people we encountered in Europe
-gecko's make the sound "gecko"
-there are pictures of the king everywhere (literally) 
-they can make a pretty good pizza 
-tuk tuks are called that because their engine makes the sound "tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk" as it idles
-everyone rides a scooter and we saw a family of 4 on one (including an infant) and no helmets for anyone
- there doesn't appear to be any lanes as scooters weave through traffic and cars and vans constantly jockey for position while driving on all sorts of different types of roads.
-they have lots of Thai flavoured  Pringles like "Bangkok BBQ chicken wing"
-surprisingly everyone seems to be on their cellphone and Facebook 
-a cocktail is more expensive that a meal itself
-in most places you can't flush toilet paper down the toilet (like Greece)
- the Thai people had the most trouble with Tylers name..you'd think itd be easy since it has the word "Thai" in it
-Thailand means "land of the free"

Thats all I can think right now, see you in Cambodia!

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Finding Nemo

Day 10 Koh Phangan

Woke up bright and early to go on another day trip to 2 more islands, Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan.  We went snorkling again because they have colourful reef and of course fish are everywhere.   It was raining while we snorkled but I guess thats the best place to be when it rains...in the water.  My favorite was a black and white stripped angel fish, while Tyler liked the big neon fish who were trying to eat everyone else.  And of course a few times he had to pretend to be a shark and grab my legs from behind...standard!  Lol.  We didn't enjoy lunch because we werent exactly sure what it was, bologne or something? No clue.  After lunch  we hiked up to a view point to see the three small islands connected by strips of beaches...pictures are better than my explanation.  It's probably the best picture postcard moment of the trip so far.  We snorkled for the rest of the afternoon.  Tyler enjoys trying to catch the fish, touch sea cucumbers, etc while I take the more normal approach of just looking.  After a long day, we decided to make it movie night...zzzzzzzz

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Gilligan's Island

Day 9 Koh Phangan

We were sad to leave our resort this morning because we weren't sure that we could top this one! We took a high speed catamaran to the next island, Koh Phangan (the island where they have fullmoon parties).  Our hotel is in a secluded part on the opposite part of the island from the ferry docks which meant a very bumpy mountainous car ride there.  Tyler is unsure about the seclusion part of things, he doesn't really know how to "honeymoon."  This hotel is breathtaking, really hard to describe.  They upgraded our room and and it is overlooking a cove, and it is completely made of teak wood.  You need to see the pictures of this place.  We didn't do much, sat by the pool, the usual.  When we got back to the room it was already dark and our lights weren't working.  The engineers came to fix it and it took close to an hour to fix with Tyler closely supervising.  We were hoping for another room upgrade but it didn't happen.  A few minutes after they left there was another knock at the door and we hoped it was the hotel offering maybe a free dinner? Nope, just there to turn down the bed.  I bet if Kristen was here she would have found her way to get something free.  Ate dinner at the beach and called it a night!

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Hot chicks?

Day 8 Koh Samui

We decided to do some exploring today.  We took a day trip to the Anthong National Park which is a collection of 42 islands.  We took an hour speedboat (with a group of about 30 people) which was a really bumpy ride.  We were all soaked by the end of it.  My stomach was feeling a little uneasy but I held it together (must take after my dad).  Tyler was excited by the speedboat because it had three 200 horsepower V6 engines (which doesn't really mean much to me). The boat stopped a few times throughout the day.  The first stop was to go snorkeling which was cool because there were tonnes of bright coloured schools of fish, and Tyler had bread to lure them in.  Next we went to the island where they shot the movie "The Beach" to see the Emerald lagoon (hard to describe, took tonnes of pictures).  We were then taken to a fishermans village for a tasty lunch (it's so weird how they can make simple stirfrys taste amazing) and breaded prawns.  Lastly we went to another island to kayak and to Tylers delight play some frisbee.  It was a long day but we walked the strip at night (which basically means vendor every 2 meters trying get you to buy something) and to a ladyboy cabaret (men dressed in drag or who are transvestites who sing and dance...not a strip club.)  I'm sure Tyler would like me to clarify that it was 100% my idea and he was a good husband to go along with it.  Some of the ladyboys had hot bodies though, couldn't tell they were men.  That ends our time in Koh Samui, heading off for another island tomorrow!

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Pants off party...

Day 7 Koh Samui

Today will be a short one because we basically just relaxed at the hotel.  We were pleasantly surprised this morning 
to discover an awesome breakfast with fruit, smoked salmon, mango smoothies, made to order eggs Benedict, hash browns, omlettes, bacon etc that was included...sooo yummy.  We hung around the beach and pool all day with some walks and swims in between.  When we first got to Bangkok last week we were very very strict that we would not eat from street vendors (for hygeine reasons) but slowly we've thrown that to the wind completely.  Well really, we got sick from a fancy restaurant so really you could get sick from anywhere you eat. Today we bought lunch from a lady on the beach.  There are ladies carrying around a mini restaurant literally on their shoulders, including a BBQ, a mortar & pestal (no idea how to spell that), and ingredients and it's all made to order.  We both ordered salads (this is our new favourite thing like green papaya or spicy mango salad)..made fresh right in front of us and a skewer of chicken wings.  It was delicious and not to mention really really cheap.  In the afternoon we decided to have beachside Thai massages at the spa at our hotel because they had given us a voucher that we could put toward spa treatments.  So we get into the little hut (which had a roof but no walls and is outside) and Tyler's Thai massage lady asks him to remove his swim trunks (aka no underwear underneath!)  Hahaha you should have seen the look on his face, total confusion buy he slowly starts to pull his shorts down when the woman realizes he doesn't have underwear on...she was mortified and so was tyler...sooo funny!  Tyler almost went for a happy ending with his massage!  After the massages were over, we're not sure what happened but they told us they were on the house...sweet!  I wonder if it's because they asked  Tyler to get naked..totally worth it!  Had dinner on the beach strip and called it a night! We love koh samui.

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