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Day 1 Bangkok

sunny 34 °C

 We arrived to Bangkok safely, yeah! Although the flights were long, it was not as bad as we had expected. Tyler was a sleeping machine! The food was standard airplane food but at least there was free drinks.  There were no in flight emergencies and I didn't get a blood clot so all my worries are gone for now.  This morning we started off with a very exotic breakfast of bacon and eggs..very adventurous of us.  Thai people eat regular food for breakfast, like shrimp soup, but we just couldn't do it.  We had prearranged a personal guide for the day and so "Mr. George" picked us up at our hotel for a day exploring Bangkok.  We started off at a market which sells wholesale foods and a flower market.  There were so many fruits that we had never seen or even heard of and I actually have no idea how to pronounce them (we felt like Steve our brother in law who has never seen a nectarine before he started dating my sister).  The flowers were incredible, the colours we so bright and vibrant.  A dozen roses cost about 70 cents.  Tyler promises me that if we lived in Bangkok that he would buy me flowers everyday..I'll hold him to it.  Next we took a TukTuk to the Grand Palace.  Did you know the current Thai king was born in Boston? Weird.  The buildings were something straight from a movie, very ornamental, shiny bright colours and tonnes of sculptures of monkey soldiers, demons and half chicken/person creatures.  We also saw the "Emerald Buddhas" at a temple here.  Mr. George taught us about Buddhism and we think some parts of the religion make sense.
Then we took a long boat (Which uses the engine from a car or truck Jimmy rigged to a long pole and propeller) to tour the main river way.  We were able to see some pretty interesting 'houses' along the river... Breaked for some fantastic thai currie and king pow soup.  We also head some fresh fruit slushie drinks... Really looking forward to pissing that one out our butts (that was Tyler writing).  We then headed to another temple where we saw the third largest reclining Buddha.. Appx 60m in length.  We had to take off our sandals to go into the temples, I hope we dont get warts at the bottom of our feet.  Went to a 6 floor mall where we did some bargaining, took a nap... Then headed out for some dinner (pad thai and spring rolls if course) on backpacker's alley.  Great first day!

In general we feel pretty safe here so far.  Bangkok has a background gross smell but every once and a while you get a wind that brings along an awful fish stench, I hope it doesnt cling to us.  The weather is hot but we feel it's not much worse than Europe or even Canada at times.  Tyler was determined to drink the water from the tap but thankfully Mr George explained to him that not even the Thai people do.
Thats it for now, let's see what tomorrow brings!  

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About to board

We are about to board the plane and boy am I dreading this 15 flight! We are crossing our fingers for some good movies and free alcohol! We will be going from toronto to hong kong and then hong kong to thailand. So far I've already forgotten my running shoes (we turned the car around so I could get them) and my neck pillow (I just bought a new one in the airport). Tyler did make fun of me but soon realized he forgot to bring a toothbrush for the plane and and a water bottle...so there!

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Getting ready

So last minute we decided to start up this travel blog (I copied it from Travis and Karen). We are just getting things packed up and ready to go. We'll try to update our blog as soon as possible so everyone can follow along our little trip. See you guys in Bangkok!

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