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Day 24 Halong Bay

This morning we woke up in our junk..and boy that was a much better sleep than in the train.  It was another early morning though, and we had out first asian breakfast they served pho (basically chicken noodle soup)..we prefer regular breakfast.  After that the boat anchored again near a floating fishermans village.  We have seen 2 floating villages already, but this was different in that there truly was not any mainland for hours..there is no solid ground...they were just surrounded by large islands that were nothing more than a large rock.  I'm not sure how they live like this.  We took a small bamboo boat around the village and saw things like the school and fish farms.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that Tyler has pet ever stray dog, but here he managed to literally pet one of the fish...quite the site..and the fish actually seemed to enjoy it.  Anyways we got back to our junk for a little swim around the boat.  Tyler tried to do a backflip off the second floor balcony and faceplanted into the water..twice.  Again we spotted a lurking jellyfish and ended our water adventures.  Our time in Halong Bay was over, and even though we didn't have batteries for our camera we managed to take pictures of then stunning scenery with our phones.  Once we go back to Hanoi we did some last minute souvenir shopping and had our last southeast Asian meal.  I'm slightly ashamed to say it, but with no regret...we finally had our KFC.  And since this is our last day in Vietnam, here is a list of some interesting facts
-this is common throughout Asia, but many of the women  cloth themselves from head to toe (they even wear gloves and face masks) as to protect their skin from the sun, dark skin is a sign of lower class, being a farmer, white skin is the goal
-in Sapa, the minority girls get married between the ages of 14 and 21..after that they are too old for the men (wow I'm lucky Tyler married me even thought I was an old hag..I hope you can read the sarcasm)
- the weather in Vietnam was more hot than Thailand and Cambodia
-KFC does not use the original recipe..not sure why
-there are no McDonalds because  McDonalds wants to import the beef and Vietnam would not let them set up shop unless they used local beef so it was a no go
-you can only take $100 out of the ATM at a time..very inconvenient..they make a killing on the bank fees because you have to withdrawl so often
-Rice is considered a staple, eating in for 3 meals a day..so they use it as a metaphor for a wife.  A wife is there for you like rice is.  Noodles are a treat to be had a few times a week and is like a girlfriend..or mistress.  So if a man says he loves noodles, they take it to mean mistress..and that may not go over well..especially to his wife.  

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